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We are a full-service company serving Tacoma and surrounding areas. With 25 years experience in home repair, remodeling, and home improvement, we are uniquely qualified to offer premier customer service at an affordable price.

We are a family-owned and operated company dedicated to your satisfaction.  We work as if we were working at our own home!  We strive to leave the job site clean and organized at all times.  This is the policy of JMJ.

New or old, every home has its own precious little quirks that are just waiting to surprise you…We’ve had these experiences too. How about the garbage disposal that stops working on Thanksgiving? Or the door that used to close fine now refuses to get anywhere near the door jamb. Ever had this happen? A mysterious leak around the bottom of the toilet that you discover only as you are running late for work and trying to get out the door. Strange goings-on as the hot water heater thumps, bumps and rattles. Have you ever owned a home that caused you to contemplate why the light switch in the hallway turns on the light in the bedroom? Could it be magic? Probably not

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Scott Bondy

Scott Bondy

Project Manager / Estimator

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